$100 Million Mansion

with mock turtle beach constructed home displays all
twelfth craftsmanship that’s exhibited in every detail of this my purpose in
the state
from the solid core construction to them masterfully designed
architectural details through the electronically controlled
ornate iron forge gates into the expansive motor court if this
breathtaking old-world the state

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Dubai & A Luxury

0:18he cared about the uh… the redevelopment
0:20stand and loads of it
0:22an amazing thing happened
0:24fantasy became reality
0:26and the space of just twenty years divide sense of desert into a jaw
0:30dropping a laces of stone marble

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The Super Rich

This 80-minute documentary focuses on the growing “wealth gap” in America, as seen through the eyes of filmmaker Jamie Johnson, a 27-year-old heir to the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical fortune. Johnson, who cut his film teeth at NYU and made the Emmy®-nominated 2003 HBO documentary Born Rich, here sets his sights on exploring the political, moral and emotional rationale that enables a tiny percentage of Americans – the one percent – to control nearly half the wealth of the entire United States. The film Includes interviews with Nicole Buffett, Bill Gates Sr., Adnan Khashoggi, Milton Friedman, Robert Reich, Ralph Nader and other luminaries.

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Emily Blunt and Russell Brand

Funny how KARMA Sneaks up on folks lol!

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New Youtube awards

Get ready to start voting on October 21, then tune in on November 3 to watch the first-ever YouTube Music Awards.

We’re launching a new music awards celebration, created by YouTube and Spike Jonze, and it will be entirely built by you. The nominees will be the artists and videos you watched, shared, and loved the most over the past year. Then you decide who wins when we announce your nominees on October 21.

Presented by Kia, the YouTube Music Awards will feature performances from Seoul, Moscow, London and Rio, culminating in a new type of awards show in New York, where your favorite artists create new music videos in real time, live on YouTube, on Sunday, November 3.

Jason Caine of Bloodline Riot Tearing it up!

Jason Caine shredder extraordinaire ripping it up in front of a Sold out show!
Known for his ability to captivate a crowd Jason’s a legend in the Making!

Voted one of the best up and coming Guitarists By top sites such as
Theneverendingstage. Sky’s the limit as this Shredder’s rise to
the top an end result of a Life time full of commitment to being the
best! Look for Jason and Bloodline Riot at a Venue Near You!

 photo 555605_1414943225390243_1253465942_n_zps0ed17526.jpg

Jason Caine of Bloodline Riot Shredder Extraordinaire!

I love the effortless Shredding of Bloodline Riot’s Very own Jason Caine! His
fierce guitar attack and creative cosmic solos have defined him as one of the very best!

Sponsored by Spear Guitar USA, XOX Audio Tools,
Krank Amplification, Sennheiser, coffin Case and Unlocal
clothing co this Artist from Detroit Michigan I predict will
become the Next Big thing In guitar in the Very Near future!

Also noted is his attention to his Fans that many if not all he becomes
Friends with! His never ending amount of Karma is special and makes
him a very rare bread of Guitarist! Look for Jason and Bloodline Riot
In the coming months you’ll be glad you did!

talking about bands

So in this Blog I go crazy and have some fun! Please share 4 sharing is caring!

I’m in Love with Soundcloud – it’s a way fun concept that put’s the fun back into viral marketing! I Talk about Volume Conflict a killer grunge band from Port Elizabeth South Africa! Their Manager The queen of Grunge is the coolest woman I know and like the band relentlessly working on progress!

If you see yourself on this show hit me up on soundcloud or redblueyellowsky@gmail.com and get heard!

The Static Dial!

I love Talent! I must say that before I dig deep into this! The static Dial a Power trio From Troy Michigan Just out Side Detroit City is a band Full of Talent! The band is so Stacked I don’t know how to label the band! Are they rock? Are they Jazz? Are they progressive? Are they Indie, Alternative? After a long review of their sound I just gave us and call their Sound The STATIC DIAL!


Members: Bill Gerazounis-Guitar/Vocals, Faris Ansor-Bass, Evan Starr-Drums

Not every Band get’s to work with Award Winning Producers but if you have this kinda Talent You do! The band Worked with Producer Andy Patalan with bands from every Major label such notable locals as the Sponge, Hoarse and, more recently, Ann Arbor’s Taproot.


So what does this have to do With the Static Dial! Well Everything! The bands sound is International! If I had to go into the depth and the influences of the band I would write an essay! Simply put The bands progressive, fusion, Indie based International rock sound is going to cause a Giant Buzz in 2013 early 2014 with My prediction this band will be touring and Nation wide Next year!

I don’t say this all the time but if anyone’s ever had a vision, a gut feeling and heard the future of a great band that has the Potential to be the Next Police! You would have no issue in making such a bold statement and I just did!

Please become friends and Like this band, support them and get to know
a band that will become Internationally know Musicians soon!


Masses Beware band of the year 2013

Well today the world was supposed to end but I’m writing about Masses beware instead who bursted onto the Nashville Scene and over night have developed a Humble and hard working reputation as a band that works non stop to perfect it’s sound!

What makes me love this bad is it’s sense of Uniqueness that few bands posses. The members come from a limitless and vast pool of talents yet are level and grounded as people!

The below was brought to you by Super drummer extraordinaire Brandon Lee from the Juggernaut band “Masses Beware” set To make 2013 their biggest year ever!

You heard it here first! I predict they will become band of the year in 2013! Showing up on the national radar and beyond! I know relevant sound when I hear and hit after this band has only just begun and has worked relentlessly to earn the top spot that I see them reaching in 2013!


A Must check out band but if you read the comments from Brandon Lee below from a top social blog make it clear he’s leading the way in life and finding balance in music and Martial arts!

What a dynamic person who’s worked up the ranks in Martial arts, drumming, and is a central part of the Band Masses beware that will hit the worlds radar in 2013!

Brandon lee was quoted saying,
Well I got to say it was the first time training again in a while, yeah about a month. I missed it so much, trying to get it back

into the regular routine now. For you guys to know, on my work out days I was still practicing my round kicks, side kicks, front

kicks, hook kicks, and heel kicks, as well as others. I never stop training even when I am not in the school. Jumping rope with

Bryant, I even got him doing his kicks again. Yeah Martial Arts is life, and life is good!

To learn, to train, to fight, to keep at it is what makes any band the best and it’s clear to see the link between Martial arts and Success in the Music Business. Beyond the hype the band has remained focused and humble which makes them not only an outstanding band but even better people!

Published on Sept 11, 2012
Shot at 12th and Porter Nashville TN Live
Thanks to God and Endless Beat Management, Joan Uselman/Steve Mills/Michael Giancana
Stephen Shiveley and Michael Giancana producing/directing.


Check out http://www.theneverendingstage.com for more details on this band or AnyWhere that matters
for you will hear of them everywhere you look in the Not so distant future! Trending Very Hot now
a must follow and dig group!